Campaign Toolkit

When you partner with United Way of Norman, you create opportunities to engage your employees more deeply in their communities.  If you have any questions about running a workplace campaign or need additional information, please call United Way of Norman at 405.329.2025 or email Kathy Holder.

If you need to schedule a campaign kickoff event, click here.

What Campaigns Look Like


Most campaigns look like this every year. Your organization holds one campaign kickoff attended by all your employees.

You have the option to pass out paper pledge cards or use United Way of Norman’s online pledging system, ePledge. With ePledge employees can make pledges and credit card payments from their computer.

Set a deadline for employees to complete pledges and report your campaign total to the United Way. This is typically around 2 weeks


If this isn't exactly right for your organization, let’s talk about what works best for you and customize your campaign. We want your United Way campaign as easy as possible.

Please contact Kathy Holder or call the United Way of Norman office at 405.329.2025 to set up the perfect campaign for your organization.

Campaign Toolkit

The tools on this page are here to help United Way of Norman Campaign Coordinators run a successful employee drive. Click any box below to expand that section.

Tips, Tricks & Templates

This one-page guide includes information on the benefits of being a Campaign Coordinator, your duties, steps to success, key messages and a campaign checklist.

Campaign Checklist (Click to Download)

Use these customizable emails to engage your employees in your company's United Way campaign. The areas for you to customize are highlighted. 

Intro Email

Mid Point Email

Last Day to Pledge Email 

Thank You Email

Sample Meeting Agenda

(Don’t forget the pens for signing the pledge forms!)

Coordinator and/or CEO welcomes and endorses the campaign.

Coordinator explains how the pledge cards will be distributed and collected and then introduces UW rep.

Coordinator shares a personal story or one of the following speaks: United Way rep, partner agency rep or client.

Show United Way video.

United Way rep and Coordinator extend invitation to give and ask for employees’ support.

Coordinator collects pledge cards and thanks employees.   









Total 20

Add your logo to these customizable posters in Canva. 

  1. Click this link to open the files in Canva
  2. At the top left of the page in Canva, click File>Make a Copy
  3. Insert your logo!
Recruit a Campaign Team

Don’t rely on one person. Recruit a team to lead your campaign and increase awareness of the United Way campaign.

Set Goals

Set goals for your United Way campaign. And not just for a total amount raised. You could set a goal for participation or leadership givers.  

Pick a Theme

Brand your United Way campaign with a theme. You can find ideas here-

Campaign Kickoff

Invite your employees to a campaign kickoff. Food or snacks are always a good way to get them there! Bring in a speaker from one of United Way’s Funded Partners.

Support from the Top

The most successful campaigns are the ones with visible support from the CEO. Have them speak at your campaign kickoff. They can also send a company-wide email about supporting United Way.

Culture of Giving

Create excitement in your office and make sure employees have fun while raising funds for a great cause!

Target Commuters

Does your company have people who live in Norman but work in another city? Send them a letter encouraging them to designate their United Way gift back to the community they live in. Commuters can use designation code 7100 to give where they live.

Incentives to Give

Most successful campaigns include an incentive to give. A few examples :

  • Paid time off for Fair Share and Leadership Givers.
  • Fair Share givers are eligible for a daily gift card drawing
  • Prizes given to donors such as a scooter, gas gift cards and grocery gift cards
  • Employees who turn in their pledge card at the Fair Share level on the first day are eligible to be entered into a drawing for a prize

All of our most successful campaigns do a number of fundraisers in addition to collecting pledges from employees. These range from chili cookoffs to pie in the face contests to gift basket auctions.

Campaign Materials

This flyer explains what United Way of Norman does and includes all our Funded Partners

One Pager

Get more information about this year's Campaign Prizes

Download the United Way of Norman Campaign Summary Report


United Way of Norman color logo print

Black Logo

United Way of Norman logo black

Click any logo for a full-size version

Info and FAQs

Leadership givers are United Way of Norman’s most generous supporters and are an integral part of our efforts to solve community problems and bring measurable, lasting change to the lives of thousands of residents in our community each year. Leadership giving contributions can be combined with a household member, given as a one-time gift or given through payroll deduction.

110% Club

Any person who increases their pledge by 10% from the year before becomes a part of the 110% Club, regardless of gift size

Leadership Society

Donors who give an annual gift of $500 - $2,499

Legacy Society

Donors who give an annual gift of $2,500 - $4,999

Visionary Society

Donors who give an annual gift of $5,000 - $9,999

Alexis de Tocqueville Society

Donors who give an annual gift of $10,000 or more

A small deduction from each pay period adds up to make a large impact. There are two ways to be a Fair Share giver. Donate 1% of your annual salary or donate one hour’s pay per month.

1% of Annual Salary Example

Annual salary of $30,000
$30,000 x 1% (.01)
$300 Annual Contribution

1 Hour's Pay Per Month Example

Hourly salary of $10
$10 x 12
$120 Annual Contribution

Win Back Lapsed Donors

A lapsed donor is someone who gave the previous year, but did not give during the current fundraising campaign. As you turn in final numbers for your company’s drive you will be given a list of lapsed donors. Once you review the list you will be able to quickly identify whether that person has left your company or was absent on the day of your kick-off.

It is important to follow up with those employees to allow them to participate. This can help your company’s total campaign dollars go up. If the person is no longer employed at your company please let your United Way contact know to help United Way maintain accurate and updated donor information.

New Hires Program

Through employment changes, job loss and moving, United Way incurs contribution losses.  A New Hires Program can help replace those contributions.  Please help your community by making sure your company holds a New Hires Campaign through which new employees are asked to support United Way at the time of hire.  Materials are available for your orientation packets.  Email us at for info!

Retirees Program

United Way relies on the support of retirees as the needs in the community grow.  Many retirees have the support of pensions and benefits; there are many more who live around us who don’t have that security.  Ask your CEO and United Way rep to help you get a Retiree Program started.

When should our campaign take place?

Pacesetter campaigns take place in July and August. Most other workplace campaigns occur between early September and mid-November. However, they can take place any time of the year.

I have limited time. How can I work the campaign into my busy schedule?

Reach out to us. United Way of Norman staff and volunteers are here to help you every step of the way. Let us know your limitations and we will come up with a plan together to make it easier for you. Another way to ease the strain is to recruit a campaign team. Assign tasks and assume a management role. Most importantly, start planning early. The earlier you start the easier the process will be for you.

How long should our campaign last?

Most campaigns can be wrapped up in two or three weeks. The goal is to distribute and collect pledge cards while the United Way message is still fresh in employees’ minds.

How can I involve our employees in the campaign experience?

Take the campaign to them. Some ideas are to use e-mail, voice mails, videos and/or letters from the CEO/Leadership to get the word out. Attach balloons with United Way messages to the employees’ desks. Designate one room as the United Way Room and have participants play games on their breaks and turn in pledge forms for prizes. Use your company’s intranet to provide information and results. Create and distribute a company video starring your colleagues sharing their reasons for Living United in prior campaigns.

When do payroll contributions start?

The most common payroll contribution period usually runs from January 1 through December 31. Some companies use their fiscal year as their schedule for payroll contribution. United Way does not set your payroll schedule. It is a company decision.

How do I get a speaker at my event?

United Way can work with you to secure a speaker for your campaign kickoff. We can recommend speakers for your rally based on the interests of your workforce. For planning purposes, please allow at least two weeks to process your speaker request. Since most speakers are doing numerous events throughout the campaign, it is not always possible to get the speaker you request. Email us to schedule a speaker at

As a Company Coordinator, you encounter some questions about United Way that are hard to answer.  We have listed the most frequently asked questions below to help you.  Of course, if you come across another question that you cannot answer, please don’t hesitate to contact your United Way of Norman representative. We would rather be asked tough questions than leave people with a misunderstanding or misconception of United Way.

What is United Way’s overhead Ratio?

United Way of Norman is committed to responsible stewardship of your donations. United Way has taken many steps to reduce expenses and our overhead ratio, defined as fundraising and administration expenses divided by total revenue. Based on the current IRS 990 Form, United Way of Norman's overhead is under 15%. That is well below the Better Business Bureau standard for nonprofit organizations, which is 35% or less.

Are all United Ways the same?

No. There are more than 1,200 separate, autonomous United Ways. United Way of Norman is one of 19 United Ways in Oklahoma. We have our own local Board of Directors, which establishes policies. We support United Way Worldwide with dues that help provide training and national advertising, but it has no authority over your local United Way.

Does United Way fund abortions?

No. No single United Way anywhere in the country has ever provided funding for abortion services. The abortion issue is a divisive one on which United Way takes no position.

My friend wasn’t helped, so I’m not giving!

Last year, United Way of Norman helped thousands of people.  However, there are still people who will not be served due to the limited funds that our partners have available. That is why it is so important to participate.

Can I designate my gift?

Yes! We allow designations to support programs of any of our current funded partners. You find those partners and their designation codes in the United Way of Norman brochure. Designations not meeting requirements will be redirected to United Way of Norman's Community Fund.

Is giving to United Way voluntary?

Yes! Our United Way has a written policy against coercion.  

Why do some United Way partners charge fees?

United Way funds provide only a portion of the money agencies need to provide services. Some agencies charge sliding scale fees so they can help more people.

I never use agency services - why should I give?

You never know when you, a member of your family or a neighbor may need a United Way service due to job loss, loss of a loved one, illness, disabilities or family problems. Your gift helps ensure that United Way services are available to as many people as possible when they’re needed the most.