Give Where You Live

When the United Way campaign starts at your office, make sure your donation goes to your hometown.

If you work in another city or are a state or federal employee, it's easy to invest your charitable contribution in your community. Just remember to use your designation code when you pledge.

Designation Codes

Commuters and State Employees
Designate 7100

Why Give Where You Live?

United Way of Norman is governed by a local volunteer Board of Directors and is completely independent of any other United Way organization.  This allows us the ability to respond to local needs and reflect the priorities and core values of the residents in our community.

We depend on our local nonprofits to meet so many of our community's most basic needs, but the shortage of funds for these organizations is creating large gaps in services.

This is why we encourage those that live in Norman to give here. It is our goal to connect people like you with the issues you care about and organizations that support our neighbors.


If you have any questions, ask your United Way Employee Campaign Coordinator how to designate your gift to United Way of Norman or write the following information on your pledge card: "Designation 7100 for the United Way of Norman."

We want to inspire people to invest their money into the community in which we live and enjoy!

Give Today

If you would like to give online today, click here!