Ensuring that all children and adults are mentally and physically healthy and in a safe environment

Funded Programs

Current Health Funded Programs

Community Initiatives

United Way of Norman manages the following initiatives to fill gaps between community needs and agency response.

FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card

FamilyWize cards are FREE prescription drug discount cards. Available for use by anyone in the community, the cards can reduce the cost of medicine by an average of 30% or more at participating pharmacies.

Long Term Recovery

The recovery process following a disaster can be lengthy and expensive. Long term recovery continues community redevelopment after short term efforts immediately following the disaster have ended. Long term recovery presents opportunities to restructure the devastated region and simultaneously make it more disaster resistant.

Health Council

Patti Truesdell | Armstrong Bank CHAIR
Reita Babek | Norman Regional Health System - TSET
Tara Douglass | Cleveland County Health Department
Sara King | Cleveland County Health Department
Katherine Leidy | Red River Youth Academy
Stephanie McGinnis | Norman Regional Health System
Shaun Mendez | Chuck E. Cheese
Nancy Mergler | Community Volunteer
Lisa Millington  | University of Oklahoma
Carolyn Morgan | University of Oklahoma
Chloe Shi Odom | Chickasaw Nation Industries
Charlene Shreder | OU Southwest Prevention
Kira Switzer | Switzer Consulting
Ann Way | Community Volunteer
Kelly Wells | Norman Regional Health System