Community Impact

Impact Circle

The United Way impacts our community by lightening the burdens of individuals and families through partnerships with local non-profit agencies that provide vital services to those in need. Raising money for programs addressing education, financial stability, and health issues is a foundational responsibility for United Way of Norman.


  1. We convene community leaders to assess the needs of the Norman area.
  2. We invite local non-profits to apply for grants to fund specific programs.
  3. The same community leaders recommend to the Board of Directors allocation of funds for the specific programs the agencies provide.
  4. If there are gaps between community needs and agency response, the United Way of Norman manages initiatives to address the needs.

Impact Areas

education financle health


Financial Stability



The process doesn't end there. The United Way does its due diligence to ensure donors' dollars are spent responsibly and making a powerful impact on the community. When you don't to the United Way, you can be sure that good things happen and lives change. If you would like to review any agency impact reports, those can be provided. 

In addition to the impact the agencies make, United Way also has community initiatives that serve the local population, such as tax help, ABC School Supply distribution, leadership training for non-profits and student leadership, and more.