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What is your most important achievement and how will that benefit you in Engage?
Describe your interests and what activities you participate in outside of school as well as in your high school. (Community, church, high school, etc.)
Where have you volunteered and why is it important to volunteer?
How do you define leadership?
What issues or challenges in your school and community concern you the most? Why is leadership important to these issues?
Student United Way Engage Commitment

I understand that attendance at every session is required for graduation. I pledge my full participation in the 2024 Engage program. I also understand that I will be expected to participate fully in all activities, be pleasant, cooperative, and respectful of all other participants, leaders,and guests. I understand that any disruptions or challenges caused by my actions will be grounds for removal from the program.

The above student as well as the 2024 Student United Engage program will receive my full support.