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United Way Leaders Ask for Help in Final Stage of Campaign

As volunteers and staff of the United Way of Norman bring the 2016 Unite & Strengthen Campaign to a close the second week of December, they are seeking additional contributions to meet the needs of the community.

“We set out in this campaign to raise the funds to assist 32,000 people through the United Way and its 27 funded partner agencies,” said campaign co-chair Robin Allen. “We are grateful for the very generous support of our community thus far, but we aren’t there yet. We can still use help.”

On average, it takes $62.50 to serve one person through the United Way, and as of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, the campaign is short by 2,239 people, or approximately $140,000. The United Way will announce results of the campaign on December 7.

“We knew this would be a tough year,” campaign co-chair Mark Millsap said. “I’ve observed that people seem tired after a long and contentious election season and a weak statewide economy. I hope people will pause over Thanksgiving to think about the blessings many of us enjoy and act to help those who might not be as fortunate as we are.”

The United Way of Norman is an efficient and effective way of providing resources for those in the community who are hungry, cold, sick, addicted, abused, grieving or victims of disasters.

“When you support the United Way, you are supporting the work of 27 agencies that meet so many needs,” said J.D. Younger, campaign co-chair. “Nearly every penny of every dollar – 99% - stays right here in our area. Funding decisions are made by local community leaders, and of course, contributions are tax deductible. The United Way ensures that a donor’s contribution really benefits this community, right here.”

Volunteers and staff are working to close the gap in the campaign through a variety of methods.

“We’ll have teams of volunteers contacting people in our community who traditionally give to the United Way, but for one reason or another haven’t yet done so this year,” said co-chair Joey Wishnuck. “We have a phone blitz scheduled for next Tuesday evening to reach out to previous donors. We’re also asking first-time donors to invest in a stronger community. I know that our community answers the call when they know there is a need.”

To make a contribution:

  • Click here to make a secure, online gift
  • Call 405.329.2025 to make a gift over the phone
  • Text GIVEUWN to 41444
  • Or mail a contribution to United Way of Norman, 2424 Springer Dr., Ste. 304, Norman, OK 73069